Welcome to the website of Northern Earth magazine.

We started out back in 1979 as the Northern Earth Mysteries Group Newsletter, and the first of a batch of regional earth mysteries magazines, concentrating on northern UK. Many years later, we have expanded our understanding of the topic areas involved in the alternative antiquarian field, and also the geographical area we cover; we now include material from anywhere in the world, whether outerworld, underworld, or off-world, as long as it fits the neo-antiquarian perspective.

Which includes quite a variety of interleaving fields, including archaeology and folklore, and extending to issues of place like phenomenology and psychogeography, and the way we interact with them in terms of perception, anomalous experience and so on. We are agenda-free and enquiring; we do not advocate any specific religious or philosophical outlook.

Please browse our categories and tags to locate your particular entry point, and see our ‘About us’ section…

Northern Earth is primarily a small-press non-profit magazine, with sidelines like this website and a couple of Facebook presences, and an e-group for subscribers. We are maintained by volunteers, so please do not expect the resources of a commercial enterprise, and be patient if we occasionally take holidays!

We welcome new subscribers to our quarterly publication, so on this site, apart from snippets of ineffable wisdom supplied by our contributors, you’ll find an online shop where you can take out subscriptions; and as we also publish books occasionally, you can order those too .