All the material on the web site is copyright to Northern Earth and/or the author. If you want to use it yourself, other than for personal study, please ask us or cite us (see below). Thank you.

Quoting or using material from this site?

If you’d like to quote or use any of the material on this site, that’s fine; but please remember someone else has done the hard work, and so it’s courteous to cite your source in anything you write. Details of publication date, etc., are given with each article. You must cite the web link in the reference section of your document.

Let’s take a fictitious example – “Stonehenge Encoded” by A.B.Clarke dated 2112

The appropriate citation for this articles would be: –

Clarke, A B (2112) Stonehenge Encoded., retrieved dd MMM yyyy

If there is no author, use

Northern Earth (2112) Stonehenge Encoded., retrieved dd MMM yyyy

The above would go in your reference section or notes, with a superscript annotation in the text [Stonehenge1]; or if you are using the Harvard system the citation tag would be located in your text: (Clarke, 2112) or, if no author, as (Northern Earth, 2112)

You can also cite the hard-copy details: Where an article has been published in the magazine, details of publication issue, date, page numbers are given at the foot of the article, e.g.  Clarke, A B (2112) Stonehenge Encoded, Northern Earth 206, pp.11-15.