Meet the team

John Billingsley

John Billingsley was co-founder of the Northern Earth Mysteries group in 1979, and took over editorship of NE  with issue 51 in 1992. He has an MA in ‘Local History, Literature & Tradition’ from Sheffield University, with a dissertation on Archaic stone head traditions in Yorkshire. He has published and edited several books on folklore and place, mostly concerning his home area on Calderdale in West Yorkshire.

Mike Haigh

Mike Haigh has had a deep interest in archaeology and folklore since the 1970s, and has been part of the team since 1992. He contributes a regular archaeological review in NE, and is always available for background sources in archaeology, folklore and their alternative approaches.

Paul Williment

Paul has a longstanding interest in the relationship between the human spirit and the landscape which was particularly nourished by a trip to Orkney in 1999. His involvement in page layout and design began in 1994. He became responsible for putting the magazine into its final shape, overseeing all aspects of design and layout with Issue 101 in the Spring of 2005.

Andrew Riley

Andrew has taken on the role of webmaster to help in setting up the new system and overseeing the migration of content.  His interest in earth mysteries stems from the 1970s, watching TV documentaries about The Dragon Project.  He relocated to West Yorkshire in 1997, and it didn’t take long to become involved with Northern Earth!

Davina Ware

Davina Ware is from Sheffield, now based in Bath. She is a freelance illustrator intrigued by the interaction of humans, imagination, and mystery with nature and the landscape. She has previously contributed illustrations for 3rd Stone magazine and Ptolemaic Terrascope.