First and foremost of the material we deal with are issues of Place and Space, and how we experience them. This section includes phenomenology and psychogeography as ‘ways of seeing’.

An Intriguing Find: Geomythography from Scarba and Jura

Stuart McHardy introduces the idea of geomythography, with an example of the insights to which this process may lead.   Geomythography is a process of analysing landscape and society over time through evidence from oral tradition, archaeology, place-names, ritual and belief and the landscape itself. Significantly shaped hills – ‘paps’ – in various parts of […]

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A Spirit Road in Ise, Japan

John Billingsley walks a haunted and fated ‘spirit road’  in Japan’s spiritual heart Ujibashi: The bridge and torii mark the entrance to the sacred precincto Amaterasu at Ise Naikū shrine. It is aligned on the winter solstice sunrise Visitors purify themselves in the isuzu River at Naikū        The Grand Shrine of Japan’s

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#3: The Society of the Spectre

Places predate monuments; monuments imply a concrete materialisation of narratives that over time becomes more codified – the narratives become myths, become scriptures etched on to place. Journeys between places infused with narratives become less nomadic, more pilgrimages. Dominant cultures are taking shape, and represented on a landscape; alt-antiquarians need to note that the objects

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