A regular feature of people’s encounter with liminal and numinous sites is an anomalous or disquieting experience… This section considers the non-mundane side of antiquarian field work.

A sense of direction

Mark Greener describes how research is pointing to humans’ own magnetic compass   Every time I get close to certain Avebury stones, an area I know and love, I experience a definite, palpable sensation lurking on the edges of my perception. Sadly, I wasn’t thrown back like Roj Blake (OK, it was Adam Brake in

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Strange Phenomena

Thomas Hanley’s fascinating account of aerial apparitions of military manoeuvres first appeared in the Yorkshire Folk-Lore Journal in 1888, and remains of much interest in the annals of northern forteana. On the 18th of January, 1792, a singular meteoric appearance was observed near Stockton-on-the-Forest, about four miles from York, which resembled a large army in

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Northern Lights

Mike Haigh compiles reports of anomalous lights over the Pennines Anomalous light phenomena have been noticed travelling over the landscape by people throughout human existence. Each culture interprets these events according to its own belief system. When our own modern culture first apparently noticed these unusual phenomena during the 1940s it tried to understand them

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