Contributor guidelines

Northern Earth welcomes contributions from new and established, academic and amateur, writers with something to say relating to the broad field of neo-antiquarian interests – archaeology, folklore, sacred landscapes, psychogeography/phenomenology, liminal perceptions, forteana, etc. We do not accept articles that display belief-centred approaches. We do not as a rule accept poetry, though articles about poets, etc., are possible.

We welcome input on archaeology, folklore, traditional and sacred architecture and other aspects of ‘sacred interiors’, the experiential nature of place and space, phenomenology, curiosities and other aspects of tradition and significant landscapes from anywhere in the world. We would particularly welcome contributions from women researchers.

You can propose or send us articles by tradmail (enclose a SAE to guarantee a reply), or by email to the editor; but a few words on emailing. If you email attachments without a covering mail, they may be deleted unread! The easiest format for us is .doc or .docx − please do not use .odt or Apple formats. We always appreciate illustrations relevant to the article content; please note that images should be sent in jpg format, and minimum 300 dpi. They may be in colour, though they will appear in greyscale in the published magazine.

Article length is subject to negotiation with the editor, but our maximum length is around 3500 words. As that takes up quite a chunk of available page space, there is often a queue for such longer articles to get published. 1500-2400 is a good length, and shorter pieces of 1000-2000 are likely to appear sooner, depending on the thematic patterns of particular issues as chosen by the editor. We also welcome shorter material such as letters, news, events, reviews, reports, and other items and snippets of interest.

Please note that all submissions are subject to usual editorial criteria, and we insist on appropriate source referencing, though we do not insist on a specific format – please use whichever you are most familiar with. Articles without appropriate source referencing will be rejected. The editor will contact authors if he feels some adjustment is required. 

All articles are subject to minor changes should spelling, grammar, language and suchlike be incorrect or be incompatible with conventions. Northern Earth uses UK spelling and grammar conventions. No major changes will be made without discussion and agreement with the author. In any changes made or suggested, the editor aims to ensure optimum positive reception for article, author and Northern Earth.

Copyright is shared. Northern Earth may use published articles at a future date on their website. Authors may use their article as they wish, but if you publish the same article online or in another journal you should as a courtesy append full accreditation for NE (inc. issue and date details), and preferably not within the currency of the issue in which their article appears.

For any other questions, please contact the editor.

Editorial stance

  • Northern Earth is independent and has no affiliation with any political, business or religious group whatsoever.
  • Northern Earth will not publish material its editor deems to be sexist, racist, or discriminatory in language or attitude towards any other social group, nor language felt to be personally derogatory towards any other individual involved in its field. This does not of course preclude criticism within the acceptable parameters of debate. Inappropriate use of words generally considered offensive will also be subject to editorial intervention. The editor’s decision is final.
  • Northern Earth has a broad political attitude that is left of centre, pacifist and environmentalist.
  • Although Northern Earth‘s scope and content, relating to religious traditions pertaining to the landscape, necessarily deals frequently with pagan and neo-pagan issues. It is not a pagan or neo-pagan journal, but understands that all belief systems have established a relationship with the land and the sacred.