Articles in this section relate to how we see the world and cosnciousness; and how this affects our perception and interaction of both this world and other perceived dimensions

The Hollow Land

John Billingsley reports back from a more than usually liminal caving expedition In 2007, a group of us had an excursion to caves in the N of England, and were moved by an unexpected experience in a small cave that had a history of prehistoric usage from the Upper Paleolithic through the Mesolithic and Neolithic, […]

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Collective Amnesia

How far and how long can we trust the memory of a people? John Billingsley stirs the forgetfulness of a West Yorkshire village. Claims are often made for the longevity of oral tradition, and the belief that a people can hold memorable events in their minds and lore for long afterwards. The unspoken and quite

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Taking the Long View

This article by John Billingsley is a set of linked psychogeographical reflections deriving from a time, a place, an exhibition (a Richard Long retrospective), and a book (Colin Renfrew’s Figuring It Out, Thames & Hudson, 2003) . Tuesday, August 4, 1998. Pavilion Gallery, Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Arriving late, just an hour till the gallery closes,

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The Corpse Watcher

David Kaiser suggests that an Irish folktale may contain intimations of a native shamanic tradition In Patrick Kennedy’s 1866 seminal Legendary Fictions of the Irish Celts, he relates the story of ‘The Corpse Watchers’ [1]. This, he tells us, was the tale most often repeated to him while collecting these stories. In light of modern

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