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The Season’s Gleanings: Our usual eclectic eye across the news media
Mike Haigh’s Archaeology Review: Another investigation into hidden meanings in cave art, Neanderthal social diversity, and history for hens
Were the Wollaton Gnomes ‘intelligent light forms’? This celebrated ‘fairy’ sighting is mysterious however
you view it. Mave Calvert suggests another perspective
Meldine & the prophecies of the sea: Traditions of seer-ship linger in the lowlands of the Netherlands, as Remco van Straten and Angeline Adams explain
Megalithic construction techniques: Trapezoidal long barrows: John Hill demonstrates how Neolithic builders may
have approached the building of Capel Garmon and similar long barrows
The Folkton Drums: Were these charming Bronze Age artefacts for anything, or were they simply toys, as some have suggested? John Billingsley throws in another suggestion
Having Your Say: Further discussion of royal geomancy, cuckoos… and a hint of Quatermass
All Things Considered: Magic’s role in the political life of Britain, a quest for a mythological landscape in S Wales, and overviews of planetary influence, astrology and European history
Evil dayes in July: A curious find enlivens an archive visit
Egyptians ate testicles: Another of the editor’s random finds