The ‘neo-antiquarian’ stance of Northern Earth is rooted in an area of speculation and research that emerged in the 1960-70s, and came to be known as earth mysteries. Its primary concern was to investigate alternative interpretations to the orthodox and moribund assumptions of academia at that time in archaeology, folklore and related academic topic areas. After much independent and academic research there has been a coming together of outlooks to some extent, as reflected elsewhere on our website. However, unresolved areas remain.

#6: That obscure object of desire: Leys, Watkins and ‘energies’

  (ill. Davina Ware) In 1972, walking up Glastonbury Tor, I was talking with a chap who, like me, had just hitch-hiked into town. As we approached the tower, he started talking about leys, which he’d just read about. For some reason, the topic sparked off something inside me; the next day I headed home

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