new! Northern Earth 170

The new issue, NE170, is now being put into envelopes and delivered to shops! Look for it on your doormat or in your local retailer in the next week or so! 

Among its contents are these articles by leading authors:

Getting Wise about the Royal Mile

            The recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II and the elaborate ceremonies ensuing draw Robin Heath to explore Britain’s arcane royal geography

Numinosity and Sacred Place

            The experience of Place, not religion, is at the heart of human apprehension of the holy all around the world, argues Paul Devereux

The Curse of the Senegambian Stones

            NE likes to draw attention to other megalithic cultures across the globe and here Mark Greener introduces us to a remarkable group of sites in W Africa

A Middle-Eastern Serpent Goddess?

John Billingsley considers possible analogues between ancient Libyan and Palestininian sculptures


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