We cover here the range of material that comes under folklore and cultural tradition, including legends, customs, folk magic and others

Spurious Saints

In 2010, Northern Earth invited readers to send in place-names and lore associated with saints – but not the bona fide type of saint. What we were looking for was spurious saints… here are some of the dubious divines we received.

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Medical Care, Magical Cure: Traditional strategies for healthy livestock

‘Old Blighty’ has rarely lived up to its nickname as persistently as it has in the last few years. John Billingsley looks at some old techniques used by farmers to keep their animals sickness-free.   It’s been a grim spring all round for lovers of rural environments, and especially for British farmers. The spectre of

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What is the Pace-Egg Play?

Mumming plays, like so much of British folklore, have been subject to questionable assumptions as to their age and meaning, but today research has shed a clearer light on their origins and functions, as Eddie Cass describes.   Easter! Once again, hundreds of people from miles around – and further – will come into Hebden

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Coin Trees

A new ‘tradition’, or a new artefact? Members of the NEReaders subscribers’ e-group in 2005 discussed what appears to be an increasingly ubiquitous feature of country parks, especially along paths near rivers. The topic – ‘coin trees’, or, more accurately, ‘coin logs’ – involves what seems to be an example of evolving folklore – or

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