A Sacred Site in Romania

John Palmer introduces a sacred site in an unfamiliar territory to NE readers Perhaps the best-known ancient sacred site in Romania is the circular temple observatory and quadrangular sanctuary (one of seven, two of which are circular) of Sarmizegetusa Regia in Thrace – this was known in Roman times as Dacia, the ‘capital’ of Dacia […]

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The Miami Circle

Much press and public attention has attended discovery of an ancient site in Miami, Florida, dubbed with typical media disdain for fact as an American Stonehenge. Christine Rhone summarises the findings The Miami Circle was discovered in late 1998 through a routine investigation by urban archaeologists of a plot of land on the S shore

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Old Florida

Christine Rhone introduces some of the lesser-known antiquities of the USA   Paleo-Indians The work of anthropologist Louis Leakey turns the tables on our usual concepts of New World and Old. Worked stones in the Moiave Desert would indicate human occupation in North America 200,000 years ago, among the earliest anywhere in the world. By

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